Inclusion Policies



The first five years of a childís life are critical in the formation of attitudes and behaviours. Assumptions about gender roles developed in these years can persist into adulthood, thereby affecting a persons life choices and decisions. Therefore, we believe that both boys and girls have an equal capacity for learning and, for this reason, we are actively working to promote gender equity in our programs.



At Viewbank Child Care Centre we are committed to Multi-cultural education. Our children, families, staff and the local community represent a variety of cultural backgrounds. We strive to create a program that truly reflects this diversity.

By recognising the impact culture plays on families, we will make every effort to provide culturally responsive child care by acknowledging human differences and the right of people to make choices about their own lifestyle.


We recognise, appreciate and respect the uniqueness of each child by:

         Encouraging children to respect other cultures.

         Providing children with positive experiences exploring similarities and differences.

         Teaching children to live happily and co-operatively in a diverse world.

         Providing activities, foods, pictures, songs and stories which are reflective of other countries and cultures.


In relation to cultural and racial equality Viewbank Child Care Centre aims to:

         Contribute to each childís awareness of cultural and racial groups living in Australia.

         Positively acknowledge similarities and differences between cultural and racial groups.

         Promote positive attitudes to children being part of a diverse society.

         Reflect each childís racial and cultural background.

         Recognise the diversity of family structures.



At Viewbank Child Care Centre we recognise the diversity of family structures and lifestyles.  Our programs help children to learn that there are many different interpretations of the family, all of which are normal and that each child does belong to a family.

Additionally, we believe it is important to recognise the variety of roles of the family members in different families (e.g. Mother working, father staying at home, etc). Our programs aim to allow children to appreciate these differences.



Our Philosophy of providing care for all children at Viewbank Child Care Centre incorporates meeting the special needs of all children.  Children develop at their own rate, with their own range of abilities, interests, personalities and needs.  It is through positive attitudes and interactions with children with special needs that integration and inclusion is achievable.


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