Enrolling Procedure ( 2019)

1 Phone Chris or Jill on 02 9606 9201

1 To find out if there are vacancies for your child

2 Arrange a tour of the centre, normally

3 Discuss your personal requirements of our centre

2Obtain the Enrolment Form from this Web site, fill it in to:

1 Hand deliver to 30 Whitaker Rd, Rossmore NSW 2557 before the date your child starts AND

(We need to have the places requiring signing signed)

2 scan the signed form to PDF and EMAIL to Jillys , via chris_buchtmann@hotmail.com

Claiming the CCS

3 Contact CentreLink and arrange for CCS for your child.

Before your child can start, we need a 'current' IMMUNISATION HISTORY STATEMENT. Its the law. You cannot start without one. The fine is huge.

Children under 3 yrs also need a 'Child routine form' off our website

3 Fees required.

1 Enrolment fee, not refundable (To secure your place and required for an Enrolment)

2 Bond - not required

The parent fees will be calculated by Chris, once you have your CCS percentage and number of available hours from CentreLink

4 Payment methods.

1 Direct Debit as per on the Enrolment Form; This is the only method we accept for the parent portion of the fee payment, no credit card, no cash, no cheque and no EFT

2 Cash is only used to pay te excursion venue

* Put the cash inside and envelope

* Name on the outside of the envelope

* how much is inside

* todays date

. Place the envelope in the fees safe, to be empied at the end of the day and banked.

Don't give it to a staff member.

We do not have credit card facilities

5 Confirmation of place and start date

Phone Chris or Jill on 02 9606 9201. Your place will not be confirmend until Jillys receives your "enrolment form" . Once these two conditions have occurred, you place is secured

6 What you need to bring with your child / day

* A change of clothing, wide brimmed hat, shirt must cover the shoulders & shoes

* Comforter (if required for rest time)

* Six disposable nappies (if in nappies), six pull-ups (if in pull-ups)

* Nappy wipes (to minimise nappy rash)

* Nappy cream (if used) (to minimise cross infection)

* Required number of pre made bottles (if on breast milk or formula milk), enough for the day. Once on cows milk, we will supply this. You may also supply frozen breast milk. Required 1 Drink bottle for children who ae not on baby bottles,ie toddlers and preschoolers.

* Piece of fruit, eg an apple, would be nice, but not essential.

* a personal water bottle for the childs use. Take it home each day and refil with water

7 What we supply

1 All meals (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea & late afternoon tea). We also supply pureed vegitables (vegitable, beef with vegitables, chicken with vegitables & lamb with vegitables) for babies once they are on solids.

2 Bed sheets (we also launder these)

8 A note on sleeping / rest time

1 In the babies room (0 - 2 yrs), the rest / sleep time/s is/are as per parents requested times and/or when required by the child. The times are requested on the 'Daily routine' form filled out by the parent upon enrolling and actual times used are recorded on the 'day chart' by the carer. Commonly, a Baby rests for 40 minutes, then wakes for 2 hours. This is accommodated by having a cot room where they can rest without being disturbed.

2 In the toddlers room (2 yrs), the children generally rest after lunch for 2 hours. All are woken up by 2:30pm. If a child however needs additional rest at other times, they can have it.

3 In the pre-school room (3 - 5 yrs), the children generally rest after lunch for 2 hours. All are woken up by 2:30pm. Between the ages of 4 and 5, the children are generaly cutting out their rest time. When this is the case, those children are given quiet activities and enjoy "Jolly Phonics".

9 Educational & School Readiness Program

Jillys provides a full pre-school educational curriculum within the long-day care hours.

Our pre-school program includes a full school-readiness program for all children from 3 years and up. Please see the school readiness menu item.